Gaffney, SC to Castle Rock, GA

332 Miles

The runners will assemble on Wednesday morning (Jun 16), park their vehicles in a hayfield atop Sand Mountain in North Georgia, and board tour buses. The only thing they will know about their destination is that it will be between 300 and 350 miles away. Once they arrive, they will be able to access maps of the course they will take to get them back to their vehicles. After an overnight stay in a hotel, the field will be bused to the start the following morning. From there, with only the supplies they can carry or obtain along the way, they have 10 days to get back.
Twice daily tracking will be maintained, and runners wishing to drop will be transported back to their vehicles. Finishers will be shuttled with their vehicles to motels near the finish for a safe sleep before getting behind the wheel. There is no greater freedom than being totally alone on the open road, relying only on your wits, your skill, and your physical ability to cover ground in order to reach the finish line.
Come experience it for yourself.
June 17 – June 27, 2021
Laz's Daily Updates

The race is underway. It was a festive group of 76.

Laz’s updates

Note to HOTS enthusiasts

Just a note to the HOTS enthusiasts.... Carl and I have thrashed out the 2022 course, and it is a thing of beauty. historic sites and sights, unique geological features, breathtaking scenery, small...

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silence on the rock.

silence on the rock. . all is quiet in the little clearing in the woods. the tents are gone the campfire is out. no sound of laughter no stories being told. . the footprints in the corn are filling...

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12 hours to go.

12 hours to go. 5 runners left. . 0ver the long night ahead 5 weary warriors soldier on. everyone is now ahead of the reaper. . the last 4 are barely ahead, but they have done what had to be done...

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24 hours to go

here we are. 24 hours to go. . all the remaining runners are in the home stretch. we still have a little time before the next one arrives at the finish, but after that they should be coming in the...

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into the final 36 hours

possible incoherence here. it has been so long since i actually laid down and slept that i am not sure what day it was. . things are into the final 36 hours and the last races are crystalizing. ....

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time and distance

so before i was interrupted i was going to talk about time and distance. . the journey runner develops a different relationship with time and distance. in normal running you think of a distance in...

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day 9 begins.

day 9 begins. i am uncertain how much juice my laptop has left, so i will be brief. . looking at the folks on the bubble; the quarandillos have fallen a mile behind the reaper. odie and diane...

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90 miles is a long way…

there are a lot fewer runners on the road tonight. 29 have dropped. 18 have finished. 28 of the original 75 remain in motion. always moving towards the rock. a long line of limping, weary souls who...

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just a quick note from the rock.

just a quick note from the rock. . melissa gave up the struggle last night. there are now 29 among the lost. tony, on the other hand, has rocketed up in the field and out of danger from the reaper....

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